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AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup

Nobo Competes in Midwest Region AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup

Innovations in Hydration Science

Innovations in Hydration Science – Research and Technology Come Together to Illuminate New Advances

Health Wildcatters

Nobo Earns Spot in Prestigious Health Wildcatters Accelerator Program

CBS News

[B60] monitors a user’s hydration levels in real-time, and tells them if they are dehydrated, overhydrated or are at their optimal hydration level…


While Nobo will preliminarily be focusing on athletes, they see a broader application for the device. For instance, it can help doctors monitor hydration in critical care patients and help those working in fields that require physical activity (say, firefighters) stay on top of their health.

Milwaukee BizTimes

…the idea is for the device to have a simple display that tells the user if he or she is over- or under-hydrated.

iDigital Times

Current hydration assessment methods are invasive: it requires blood tests, urine samples, or measuring body weight changes. What’s more, existing equipment does not have scientific evidence suggesting that they work accurately. In this environment, the B60 offers a convenient alternative for measuring hydration.

L’avenir? B60 de Nobo – un capteur four connaitre son niveau d’hydratation.

(The future? B60 from Nobo – A sensor to know hydration levels)


The B60 monitor is geared more toward athletes to give them live updates about whether they’re de-hydrated, or over hydrated.